Virtualization of educational and cultural spaces on gaming platforms.



We virtualize your space so that it allows visitor freedom, visitor interaction and cultural mediation.  We can recreate it both internally and externally, as detailed as agreed.


We can design educational and cultural activities for your virtual space, which can be conducted by your staff or by our art and educational experts in real time.


Virtualization and mediation do not need to be boring, specially when you are in a gaming platform. We can design customized games to make the visitors have an exciting experience.

Why you may want it.

a less limited virtual experience

Talk to your friends, to unknown visitors, to the mediator. Follow the mediator, listen to them, play the proposed game, or not. See an exhibit, or not. Play with your friends, explore, get lost, have fun.


Let everbody come in, not only local visitors. Keep your doors open at any time for unexpected people from everywhere.


Transform your activity to be safe during COVID19 times and beyond. Fight the pandemic. Keep the joy going on.

reinforce your image

Your external space, your interiors, your activities. Now expand the scope through a world famous gaming platform. Adapt to new times. Consolidate your identity.

no e-mail/phone registration

Enter age, a username, a password and you're in!
That means no cumbersome registration for children groups.

access control

You can restrict access to specific people for scheduled activities.

Our services.

Three options we can adapt to your needs.


We can recreate your space or design a new one.

The space will be adapted to potential mediation, gaming or other online activities.

We work with Roblox, one of the biggest gaming platforms in the world.


We can design a customized game for your virtual space or any other mediation activity.

We can conduct them too. Our educational team speaks English, Spanish, French and Catalan.

If you already have a virtual space, we can design and conduct online activities for your space.

+ Mediation

Our team will work together to design both the space and game that best suit you.

Our specialists on virtual education will guide visitors through the game.

We can organize the scheduling for groups.

For any questions regarding our services above, don't hesitate to contact us!