On-site mediation at Julian Opie Exhibition. Fundación Bancaja

What is mediation?

When visitors come into a virtual space for a scheduled activity, they are usually given some kind of live guide or help. That kind of guide or help is mediation.
If a virtualized museum is visited by students, an educational mediator would be the person, who is in the virtual museum too, guiding and helping the students so that they enjoy their visit and learn.
The mediator will interact with them, explain the exhibit, answer their questions and guide them throughout the visit. 

A moment during a virtual space mediation for a school class. Note: this video does not include mediator's audio.

In addition to the gaming platform, we provide audio conferencing to conduct our live mediation services.

Our mediation services.

Our mediation – as opposed to the traditional model of the guided tour – instigates debate and intellectual discussion around the artwork from the visiting group.

The design of our mediation normally includes the creation of a game which will become the guiding thread throughout the visit. That is the recommended option so that virtual visits are more catching, but you can also request our mediation services without a game.

We can provide both designing and live conducting, or only one of them.

You already have your virtualized space?

Whether your virtual space was created by Tinkerea or not, we can provide our mediation services if you already have your virtualized space.

You already have your mediation staff?

If we created your virtual space, we will also provide a short training on how to conduct real-time virtual mediation.